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We offer wedding ceremonies and life celebrations for all couples: Religious, Non-Denominational and Spiritual, Interfaith, Non-religious or Agnostic, and LGBTQ+ Friendly.

Wedding Officiant

Crafting Ceremonies for Weddings, Civil Union, Elopement, or Vow Renewal

Marital Coaching

Connection strengthening sessions for couples in new marriage or preparing for one


Specializing in Wedding Ceremonies and honoring milestone Life Ceremonies

Wedding Packages

  • Available Online

    A personalized script plus a premarital session and a rehearsal

    3 hr

  • Available Online

    A loving custom script with vows written just for you plus a rehearsal

    2 hr

  • Available Online

    A choice of a pre-written script along with a rehearsal

    2 hr

  • Available Online

    A choice of a pre-written script to honor your love journey

    1 hr

  • Available Online

    Officiant services for 25 or less wedding guests plus add-ons

    3 hr

  • Available Online

    Connection strengthening sessions for couples in new marriage

    1 hr

Celebrate all life moments!

Did you know we offer more than wedding services?

We do all types of ceremonies including:

Marital Coaching/ Spiritual Therapy
Home Dedications/Blessings
Pet Ceremonies
Baby Dedications/Blessings

Four Easy Steps

At It's Official! 314 Weddings and Ceremonies, we understand the importance of efficiency and creating a seamless experience for our valued clients. We made it easy for our clients with a streamlined four-step process that will bring you one step closer to your perfect ceremony. Allow us to guide you through the following steps:


Vision and Consultation

During an initial consultation, we will allocate dedicated time to discuss your style, ceremony vision, and what holds the most meaning to you. This conversation, whether conducted over the phone or via Zoom, will provide us with valuable insights into your unique preferences. We want to fully understand your desires, ensuring that your ceremony reflects your love story in the most authentic and heartfelt way.


Love Journey Questionnaire

Once you have chosen the ideal package that suits your needs, we will present you with our Love Journey Questionnaire. This questionnaire will serve as a personal guide, allowing you to share your stories, memories, and desires for your wedding day. By delving into the depths of your connection, we will craft a fully personalized ceremony that beautifully encapsulates your love for one another.


Final Ceremony Review

Approximately 30 days prior to your wedding, we will reconnect to review your complete ceremony. Our goal during this stage is to ensure there are no surprises, unless, of course, you wish to be pleasantly surprised – and rest assured, we can assist with that too! We want you to feel fully confident and at ease, knowing that your ceremony will unfold exactly as envisioned. This final review will provide an opportunity for any necessary refinements, ensuring that your ceremony is flawlessly executed.


Meet Me at the Altar

As you stand before your cherished friends and family, it will be our honor to share your love story and unite you and your beloved in a bond that will last a lifetime. With careful attention to detail and a deep understanding of your journey, we will officiate your ceremony, infusing it with warmth, meaning, and celebration. Together, we will create a cherished moment that marks the beginning of your new chapter as a married couple.

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